Pipework Repairs
As I mentioned long ago in Part 2, one of the CoolerMaster pipes supplied with the Aquagate had begun to kink. In the end, the pipe kinked so badly that I had to resort to running the system with the side door down.

I finally found the time this afternoon to replace the pipe with Codan fuel hose instead. As you can imagine, fuel line pipework is much less prone to kinking and wear than the flexible pipe that came with the kit. It's been running for nearly an hour now; even with nap mode off it has only just struggled up to 54.06degC, with the fans turning up a single 'notch' once 54 degrees came around.

I have also wired a small PCI slot fan up to run in tandem with the main processor fan. This does very little unless things get hammered, at which point it can get rid of heat at the top of the case very effectively. Not that that has been necessary yet!
Part 2 Goes Online
It's been some time in coming, I realise, but Part 2 with the 120mm radiator revamp is finally up and online! There's a bit of a surprise at the end with a new component too, which I'm having a great deal of fun with!
Technology Weblog
This is just a simple little weblog so that you can see what has changed on the site recently. If you subscribe to the RSS feed you can even find out when new things appear without having to revisit the site!

As you can probably see, there have been a fair few changes around here. After a number of requests for high resolution images I've started using my Flickr account for the site, so you can see hi-res versions by clicking on the pictures. Just hit the 'All Sizes' button above the image on Flickr. Some images also have notes which point out little things you might not otherwise notice.

One last thing; if you are going to link to pages in this site, please provide a link to 'http://roobarb.dfpx.co.uk/' whenever possible. There's always a chance that pages will be renamed and shuffled around and as .Mac doesn't provide much scope for dealing with missing pages, visitors will more than likely just get the befuddling 'can't find it' error page. I always try to keep such shufflings to a minimum.